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The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSiRA) with its head office in Eco Park - Centurion is the statutory body regulating the private security industry in South Africa. PSiRA is looking for dynamic experienced and suitably qualified professionals to take up these challenging positions. It is the intention of the Authority to promote representative through the filling of these positions.

1 2020-12-09


Manager Law Enforcement and Compliance All-inclusive package of R 857 736. 61 per annum Pretoria (Centurion): REQUIREMENTS: An earned recognized Degree or National Diploma in Criminal Justice and Forensic Investigation or Policing/ Security and Risk Management •A Certificate in Detective Learner Programme and Compliance Management will be an added advantage • Seven (07) years or more experience in investigative environment coupled with Four (04) or more years in managerial level. A valid driver’s licence is required. ESSENTIAL CRITERIA: ● Ability to interpret pieces of legislations that manages the security sector and criminal law practices and enforcement environment • Good understanding and Knowledge of all aspects of legal environment •Good Knowledge of the PSiRA Act provisions •In-depth knowledge of relevant and applicable legislation and regulations •In-depth knowledge of the Private Security industry is essential. •In-depth knowledge of financial management. •Criminal Procedure. •Investigation and Law Enforcement skills. • Extensive report writing skills •Excellent verbal and written communication skills to all levels and personalities. •Good computer skills in Microsoft Office Packages i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook. •Excellent planning, organising and time management skills •Excellent people and interpersonal skills. •Excellent problem solving skills. •Excellent research and information gathering skills. •Good financial management skills •Excellent negotiation and conflict management skills. •Excellent report writing skills, as well as writing and analysis of legal documents. •Excellent investigative skills•People’s management skills. •Ability to develop management reports. •Project management • Good understanding of Corporate Governance and Implementation thereof •Results and Quality Driven •Customer and team Oriented •Effectively Resource Management •Highly confidential •Ability to work under tremendous pressure and stressful environment •Ability to motivate and counsel positively •Ability to take key decisions in complex situations and stand by the decision/s taken •Building and maintaining effective working relationships and service stakeholder relations •Integrity •Honesty •Conceptualising skills. KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS: ADMINISTRATION: Employee Supervision i.e. supervising and controlling the Compliance Inspectors. This involves: ●the development, review and updating of performance scorecards and job descriptions on yearly basis, as well as direct involvement on implementation of performance management systems and attending to other staff management matters in the Department ● responsible for instilling culture of performance in staff ● identifying, documenting, sourcing, implementation and assessment of training and development interventions required by staff. Also involves development of individual employee training needs and gaps and facilitate the process of closing the training gaps ●instilling discipline in staff and adhering to approved or good practice disciplinary processes ● ensuring assistance of employees with personal or work related problems through sourcing of tried and tested employee assistance programmes from credible professionals ● motivating staff and ensuring that staff concerns are attended to immediately to ensure that staff view PSiRA as an employer-of-choice ● Develop and monitor the implementation of a complaints management system to ensure that all complaints, enquiries and queries reported are responded to with the agreed service standards and levels ● COMMUNICATION AND LIAISON ● Participate in the provision and management of public education and empowerment so that user friendly and impact driven public education programmes are offered to PSIRA stakeholders: ● Assist and participate in the corporate social responsibility programmes. INSPECTIONS AND COMPLIANCE● Manage and monitor implementation of policies and procedures, plans and strategies pertaining to compliance function ● Provide a central point of reference for advice and consultation on compliance related issues within PSiRA to ensure that a streamlined practice and process on compliance is developed and implemented ● Manage the issuing of non-compliance notices and penalties to the Security Service providers and applicants in adherence to the relevant Legislation ●Manage and Investigate the extent of compliance to ensure compliance to legislative requirements and prescripts ●Manage the inspections and regulatory performance of the inspectorate ●Conducting audits in respect of inspections conducted● Manage and ensure that all compliance issues are undertaken as per Service Level Agreements ●Manage and co-ordinate investigations on incidents of non compliance that might affect the continued suitability of the security services providers ●Manage and co-ordinate inspections into the suitability and compliance of the security services providers who provide services to the Security industry. ●Manage and Validate the quality of Inspections● Docket management of all investigations following on from inspections conducted by the inspectorate and refer all non compliance to Manager Enforcement. ●Manage the development, implementation and review of inspections and registration policies, procedures, and processes to ensure PSiRA adheres to good practices in investigations and licensing and to ensure that the investigations and licensing supports the business strategy● Oversee the pre-inspection of premises and verifications of individuals applying for licenses are done to ensure that applicants comply and adhere to the legislative requirements and that the inspections and investigations are conducted in an efficient and professional manner. Ensure the post-inspections and verifications of individuals are done to ensure that security services providers comply and adhere to the legislative requirements also responds reports of the alleged violations of laws, regulations, rules, policies and practices by conducting random inspections● Liaise with relevant external bodies i.e. the Regulators on compliance matters and processes to ensure a co-ordinated approach is implemented ●Interact with the Internal Audit team regarding the provision of management assurance on the level of compliance ●MANAGING and AUDITING REGULATORY PERFORMANCE OF THE INVESTIGATION SUBDIVISION ● Managing the daily operational aspects of the regulatory functions of the Investigation Department which includes planning and authorizing all regulatory activities of the Department in conjunction with branch managers● Compilation of operational plans for the Department in line with strategic objectives of the Authority● Budgeting and managing expenditure of the Department in conjunction with branch managers● Submission of monthly and quarterly reports on performance of Investigation Department as well as over and under expenditure● Delegating tasks to staff members and liaison with branch managers and investigators in respect thereof● Assist with investigations where necessary ● Control and management of financial claims by Investigators which includes advances, accommodation, travel claims, etc. ● Ensuring that Investigators complies with operational policy● Liaison with stakeholders in respect of any matters relating to Investigators as well as the Authority’s Communication Department in respect of any media enquiries / press releases ● Keeping of registers / records in respect of all complaints / investigations logged and booked out to investigators. ● Verify registers/records on progress and finalization of investigations and do follow up where necessary ● Keeping of detailed records/registers in respect of the issuing of charge sheets/summonses or notifications and manage progress in respect of serving these documents● Liaise with prosecutors’ office in respect of charge sheets / summonses served /outstanding as well as progress of Improper Conduct Enquiries relevant to the Department● Manage general administrative aspects relating to investigations conducted by the Department ● Review of investigator’s planning schedules versus actual law enforcement activities ● Conduct audits on quality of investigations● Verify database records in order to ensure that all investigations have been captured on Compiere database and ensure that investigators comply with this requirement ● Conducting audits on investigation / chargesheet / summons and complaint registers and ensuring that same is up to date●Monitoring quantity of investigations conducted by investigators on a regular basis throughout the month and addressing poor performance• Ensure targets are met as per the operational plan REPORTING ● Review of statistical reports and compilation and submission of reports ● Ensure and manage confidential document audit trail on all communiqué to all investigation reports and progress reports ● Produce reports as and when required and report on the level of compliance to the Management Team to ensure that they are informed of compliance function and initiatives on an ongoing basis ● DOCKET MANAGEMENT OF ALL INVESTIGATIONS AND TESTIFYING IN IMPROPER CONDUCT ENQUIRIES AND CRIMINAL COURT TRIALS IN RESPECT OF INVESTIGATIONS ● Manage general administrative aspects relating to dockets compiled by Inpectors ● Review quality of dockets compiled to ensure that dockets meet standards as per operational policy● Verify docket registers to ensure that dockets are timeously compiled following on from inspections/investigations and keeping records of any dockets returned by the administrator / typist to the inspectors● Monitor progress of dockets and conduct regular audits to verify whether dockets compiled are timeously submitted to the Prosecution Team as per policy● Liaise with the Prosecution Team in respect of any dockets returned to inspectors for further investigation / corrections and monitor progress in respect thereof● Monitoring quantity of dockets submitted by each inspector on a regular basis and addressing poor performance ●Liaise with Authority and State Prosecutors in respect of charges and evidence of PSiRA cases in criminal courts and other tribunals● Testify in court and Improper Conduct Enquiries.